Our society has drifted so far from the principles on which it was founded that we can no longer genuinely call ourselves a Christian nation. This is especially true when it comes to the academic world. Everywhere we turn, Christianity is being attacked both through open opposition and subversive, seemingly innocuous assumptions on the nature of man and the universe. To be a faithful Christian college student today requires us to constantly be aware of the attacks that we are facing and to constantly, intentionally equip ourselves to be a light in a dark world.

Coming back in Winter 2021!

“This trip…reminded me of what my primary focus should be in college.” – Emily

“This was very effective for me. Classes just started and having this to start the semester and encourage me was beneficial.” – Zach

“I got closer to my friends on my campus that I didn’t know as well, and I walked away feeling confident that I can be used for the kingdom every day as a student.” – Brooke

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