January 24-26, 2020

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SWO College Retreat

Statistics are telling us that over half of high school students that graduate from a youth group are actually graduating from the faith. But the truth of the matter is that this is a unique time of life when you are more free to pursue the Lord and make your faith your own. Students at the SWO College Retreat will be challenged in how to use their college years for the Gospel and college ministry leaders will be better equipped to minister to students in this phase of life. The weekend will include both corporate worship services and specific breakouts geared toward living out the Gospel during your college years.

  • $50/person

“This trip…reminded me of what my primary focus should be in college.” – Emily

“This was very effective for me. Classes just started and having this to start the semester and encourage me was beneficial.” – Zach


“I got closer to my friends on my campus that I didn’t know as well, and I walked away feeling confident that I can be used for the kingdom every day as a student.” – Brooke

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