Facilities & Lodging

North Campus


The Coop

The Coop is the central building at SWO. During summer this building overflows with students both evening and morning, hosting worship services and breakout sessions. Its lower level houses the SWO offices and a bathhouse.

The Metal Building

The Metal Building is our dining facility where hot meals are served three times a day, in addition to a fruit/yogurt bar for breakfast and soup/salad bar for lunch and dinner.

The Snack Shack

The Snack Shack is our camp store, filled with drinks, food, ice cream and SWO Gear for purchase, including SWO hoodies, t-shirts, hats, and resources. The Snack Shack is always a great hangout place for students and adults.

SWO Underground

Every Christian must remain connected to the global Church. SWO Underground, also referred to as the prayer chapel, is a quiet place to learn about and pray for believers in other nations. Focusing on the need to reach people groups currently unreached by the Gospel of Jesus, SWO Underground presents students with opportunities to give, pray and go.


Snowbird has 14 cabins located on its campus. Within these cabins are twin-sized bunk beds, air conditioning, and heat.


Restrooms are located in separate buildings nearby the cabins. SWO hosts two indoor bathhouses complete with toilets, showers, electricity, heat, and air.

SMO Missions Barn

The Barn is the home base for our Missions Camp operations. The bottom of this building is a functional barn, with a loft in the top of the barn where services for mission camp groups are held.

SMO Missions Tents

Missions camp students are housed in platform tents located near the Missions Barn. The tents are equipped with twin-sized bunk beds and electricity. Screens protect against bugs and canvas flaps provide privacy while keeping students dry in case of rain and allowing for cool breezes at night.