Knowing Christ

In a world full of self-help, edgy “Christian” books, blogs, and social media influencers, who do we choose to listen to? How can we hope to know how to be a godly woman? With every Instagram refresh or Facebook feed there’s someone new telling you how you should feel, react, be, parent, go to college, not go to college, how to eat, what to buy, and the list goes on and on.

In light of all of these competing influences vying for our attention, the only true remedy is to look to Jesus. We need to train ourselves to reject the noise that is coming to us from this self-absorbed, self-advertising culture and seek to know Jesus through His Word. It is in this that we can find our true identity and know how to live lives as the godly women He has called us to be.

This conference includes solid biblical teaching, inspirational worship, outdoor recreation, encouraging fellowship, delicious food and a few surprises.

April 24-26, 2020

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$115 (doesn’t include housing)

*Women may sign up with family, friends, church groups or as individuals.

This experienced showed me first hand what a woman in Christ looks like. I came home knowing Jesus loves me and calls me friend.” – Judy

“I loved that all the women spoke the Gospel and truth… I grew deeper in my walk with the Lord, connected with other women in my church and came home refreshed.” – Morgan

“It was so refreshing to sit under the teaching and spend time in worship and just take time to focus on the Lord apart from the distractions of day to day life.” – Kristen

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