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February 21, 2022

“If one week at SWO has challenged your spiritual life, then these eleven weeks on servant team will radically ground and grow your faith.” – David
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Snowbird is committed to equipping local churches through expositional teaching and Gospel-centered discipleship. Servant Team is an integral part of that mission, designed for older high school students who are hungry to serve.
“This program is made to use Scripture to teach and admonish you in all wisdom, build a good work ethic, and to present you more mature in Christ at the end of the summer.” – Corey
“The biggest thing for me was the community. I had never experienced a body of believers like that ever before. They were so intent on pursuing the Gospel and pushing each other towards the Lord. When I came here, and people were growing, and learning, and maturing, it was unlike anything I had ever seen before. The friendships I built in that one summer are still my closest today, years later.” – Caroline

Snowbird is a community of believers committed to equipping local churches through expositional teaching and Gospel-centered discipleship. The SWO Servant Team is an integral part of that mission, designed for older high school students who are hungry to serve. Servant Team members are given the opportunity to grow in personal discipleship, biblical community, and practical skills. One of our goals is to equip students to return the following year to serve on Summer Staff or Transition Team.

*2022 Servant Team applications will close February 21, 2022.

Servant Team is a volunteer discipleship program for high school students. Led by their respective male and female directors, Servant Team members work in various areas around campus each day, including but not limited to kitchen, maintenance, grounds, and housekeeping. Servant Team members also participate in all worship services and breakout sessions during the camp week, sit under biblical teaching with Snowbird’s director and their Servant team directors, and spend focused time in the study of scripture and personal growth.

What costs are associated with Servant Team?

There is no cost to come for joining the Servant Team. SWO will provide your lodging and meals Monday evening through Saturday morning. Students are responsible for any travel and weekend expenses.

Who can apply for Servant team?

The program is for High School aged students. In our selection process, we are looking for students that are pursuing hard after Christ. One of our goals with Servant Team is to equip students to return the following year to serve on summer staff. Due to this goal, we lean toward older high school students. For younger students, do not hesitate to fill out the application, it is a great tool the Lord can use in your life. It’s a joy to hire students that we have received a previous year’s application, seeing how the Lord has matured you in the years time… that’s what we are after.

Should I apply if I have to miss a few weeks?

Yes! We regularly accept students that have scheduling issues. We understand some students have previous commitments that are unflexible. We normally have a few students that have school end late or start early. We do expect you to be here for the full commitment of 11 weeks whenever possible. Please inform us of your scheduling issues in your application.

What does a day as Servant Team look like?

Every day is different and the boys and girls have very different schedules. The boys start their day with personal study and then a short small group bible study. That flows right into breakfast, we do dishes and haul trash. Next is the main service which flows into breakout sessions. Next is lunch so more trash and dishes. Following lunch, we do various maintenance tasks around the campus. After we finish the day’s tasks, time is spent on personal study. Dinner is next so once again trash and dishes. Next, we go to the evening service. Following evening service, we meet for Bible study. It makes for some long days, but the Lord blesses our faithfulness abundantly.

The girls begin their day by prepping the metal building for breakfast and manning all the food stations during breakfast. After breakfast, we clean the building and head straight into the morning service. From the morning service, we head to breakouts and then back to prep and serve lunch. After lunch, we clean the metal building again before moving on to clean the bathrooms and coop. The girls usually get an hour of downtime where they can go play on recreation or just relax before they spend time in Bible study before dinner. During dinner, we get to work prepping food, serving meals, and cleaning the metal building again. We then gather for another teaching session. As girls, we try to attend all the main services throughout the summer. We also join together for a few teaching sessions a week specifically prepared for the Servant Team girls. We also try to meet one on one with each girl throughout the week for personal discipleship as well as meet as a large group throughout the week for discussion. The girls also work in the snack shack on Monday night and Saturday morning.

How many people get accepted for Servant Team?

The boys average 10 guys each summer. The girls average 12-15.

Where will we be staying?

The Servant Team boys stay together in a staff cabin. There will be 1 or 2 summer staff staying with you in your room too. The girls are divided among the summer staff girls rooms.

What about weekends?

When the week of camp is over, it is time to rest. This is a huge opportunity for Servant Team to build deeper relationships with the other staff. SWO does require a parental consent form to be signed indicating who the Servant Team student is allowed to ride with. We do not allow Servant Team members to drive. We have found this aids in fostering relationships with Summer Staffers. The staff are aware of this rule and jump at the opportunity to hang out with the Servant Team. During the weekend there is no specific oversight over the Servant Team, but we will have a staff member dedicated to having access to Servant Team Medical Release Files for any emergency.

Can I work on Servant Team more than one year?

Unfortunately, no.  Accepted high school students can volunteer for one term, but one of the main goals of Servant Team is to prepare students for Summer Staff.  After volunteering one summer on Servant Team, students can either be accepted to Transition Team the next year or Summer Staff depending on their qualifications and age.

The Servant Team commitment is 11 consecutive weeks.

Note: Must be in high school to apply.

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