April 12-14 / October 18-20 / October 25-27

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What does it mean to have the Gospel at the center of our marriage? How can the Gospel be the driving force behind our relationship with our spouse? First, we need to remember the work that the Gospel has done in our individual lives. We need to remember that we have been set free from sin and made righteous by God, even though we didn’t deserve it. This should give us a proper perspective on how we treat our spouse. In addition to that, when we see Scripture using marriage as a picture of the Gospel, we need to view our individual roles through that perspective so that we are constantly evaluating whether or not we are loving or honoring each other in a way that pleases the Lord.

  • $158/person
  • $123/person (off-campus housing)

“Much needed getaway which allowed us to focus on us without the everyday life distractions.” – Heather

“A Christ-centered time away from our kids is exactly what we needed for a break. Time to just focus on each other and our roles in our marriage.” – Emily

“The mountains, the hospitality, the worship, the teaching, the food, it was all leveraged for Him to speak clearly…life-changing. We’ll be back for more.” – Ben

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