SWO17 – At The Cross


The cross of Christ is central to the Gospel, and we are going to immerse ourselves deep into the cross of Calvary during SWO17 summer and missions camp. The sacrificial act of the Son of God — the conquering of death, hell and the grave — is central to the Christian faith. The cross is central to God’s redemptive plan for humanity.

Meditate on the cross of Jesus today. Read the gospel accounts of the death, burial and resurrection this week. Pray for a Gospel-focused perspective of sacrifice. Capture a biblical view of Christ’s infinite power, love and holiness exhibited at the cross!

Plan now to join us for Summer 2017. Registration opens October 1, 2016.

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*Registration opens October 1 each year.

Snowbird is all about the Gospel. SWO17 is all about the Cross.

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