The Word Became Flesh

Snowbird Advent Guide

Thanks for visiting the Snowbird Advent Guide! Starting December 1, you’ll be able to follow the Snowbird Advent on a daily basis! New for this year, we’re excited to announce that you can now listen to SWO staff members read the daily Advent content.

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Advent Blogs

Day 1- The Radiance of the Glory of God
Day 2- King Before the Beginning of Time
Day 3- The Bread of Life
Day 4- The Light of the World
Day 5- The Good Shepherd
Day 6- The Resurrection and the Life
Day 7- Jesus Came to Serve
Day 8- Jesus Came to Rescue
Day 9- Jesus Glorified the Father
Day 10- Jesus Gives us Peace with God
Day 11- Jesus Gives us Peace with Others
Day 12- Jesus Came to Crush Satan
Day 13- Jesus Fulfilled the Covenant
Day 14- Jesus Fulfilled Prophecy
Day 15- Jesus is the Root of David
Day 16- The Bright Morning Star
Day 17- The Geneology of the King
Day 18- The Word Became Flesh
Day 19- The First Miracle Birth
Day 20- Gabriel’s Announcement to Mary
Day 21- The Magnificat: Mary’s Song of Praise
Day 22- The Birth of John the Baptist
Day 23- Zachariah’s Prophecy
Day 24- The Birth of Jesus Christ
Day 25- Some Worship and Some Reject

Additional Resources

Want to download the complete guide, and read it on paper or your favorite ebook reader? Access “The Word Became Flesh” Advent guide ebook right here!

Want to simply read Scripture this Christmas? Follow our Bible reading guide! We’ve compiled 25 daily Bible passages that help us to celebrate the glory of Jesus’ coming.

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