Summer Semester

There was something about living out of a 50-pound backpack for two weeks, with no objective other than hiking and fellowship...that was extremely peaceful to me.

Backpacking   |   North Carolina

In this section, you will travel through beautiful rugged mountains while learning to live comfortably in the backcountry, using only what you can carry on your back. The backpacking section offers one of the best environments to connect with Christ, surrounded by His creation. You will learn the basics of outdoor skill in this section, including cooking, map reading, staying warm, LNT principles and more.
During my semester, my definition of Christian community changed as I really learned about living within the body of Christ.

Rock Climbing   |   North Carolina

Pisgah National Forest is famous for its big granite walls and diverse climbs. During this section, you will become comfortable with the height, challenge, and adventure of multi-pitch climbing. We’ll set up a base camp and have fun on lots of good climbs around us!
I think I’m beginning to understand what it really means to have Christian community.

Wilderness First Responder   |   North Carolina

The WFR course is the industry standard wilderness medicine course for any backcountry leader, river guide, mountain guide, or camping staff. This course is a comprehensive and in-depth look at the standards and skills it takes to deal with medical emergencies in remote situations when supplies may be limited. The WFR course is offered through SOLO Wilderness Medicine and is transferable to almost any college or university as 3-4 hours of college credit. SOLO is a leader in wilderness medical training.
Words can barely describe the works that Christ did in all of our lives this past semester... it’s such a unique way to experience God and real Biblical community.

Canoe Expedition   |   TBA

The Canoe Expedition section includes traveling multiple days on the water, equipping you with the skills to lead future water expeditions. You’ll become comfortable at water navigation, efficient packing, cooking skills, and keeping gear dry in various conditions.

The Outdoor Leadership and Discipleship School is a semester-long wilderness program designed for college-age students who know Christ and desire to go deeper in their relationship with Him. Our mission is to point young adults toward Christ Jesus, using the tool of wilderness training and the vehicle of relational discipleship. Through 6 weeks of wilderness immersion, OLD School students experience a variety of courses, including backpacking, multi-pitch rock climbing, canoeing and more. Students will also earn certifications in Wilderness First Responder and Leave No Trace, and have the opportunity to earn college credits through Southeastern University.

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Summer Schedule (May – June)

  • Students arrive
  • Orientation
  • Wilderness First Responder (WFR) class
  • Canoe Expedition
  • Backpacking & Rock climbing
  • Banquet

*There is a $100 refundable gear deposit required for each student.