Pre-Register for SWO22 Summer Camp

Here are some dates and details you need to know about registering your group for next summer.

Did you know that you can pre-register for next summer?

June 15 – Sept. 15, 2020 — SWO21 Pre-registration for 2020 summer groups.

Sept. 16, 2020 — Pre-registration Transfer Day. Pre-registered 2020 summer groups will have the opportunity to transfer weeks or programming based on availability.

Sept. 17, 2020 — Open registration begins at 6 pm EST (Requires non-refundable $100 deposit per spot). Snowbird office staff will be available from 6-8 pm to offer registration assistance and support.

Jan. 31, 2021 — Deadline to drop spots (Organizations are responsible for full price of spot on Feb. 1, 2021). Questions? Visit to learn more.