SWO22 Breakouts


Social Media – Spencer Davis

What lessons can we learn as a society from being connected via social media for over 20 years? What lessons can you learn personally from your Social Media connections? Is Social Media moving you towards or away from your goals? In this breakout, we’ll explore these questions as we examine the trends, tradeoffs, benefits and dangers of Social Media for followers of Christ.

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Preparing Your Students to Leave Your Ministry (Student Pastors) – Zach Mabry

Our desire is not to just build a really big youth ministry and create a dependency in our students for our youth groups. Our desire is to use the limited time we have to prepare those in our ministry to be faithful, active Christian adults. In this session, we will look at how to build a foundation on the Lord and His church to help sustain our students not just in high school but for the rest of their lives.

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Guy & Girl Sessions


Sharing The Gospel With Confidence – Rob Conti

Jesus told us to go tell everyone about the good news—the good news that they can have eternal life, be forgiven of sin, and have a real relationship with God.  We know we have this commission from the Lord, but we often shy away from having Gospel conversations with people who don’t believe in Jesus. If we are honest with ourselves, this is mostly because we are afraid: Afraid of how someone will respond to us.  Afraid of what they will think of us.  Afraid we will not know what to say if they ask a hard question or make fun of what we believe. 

This breakout will seek to show us where our confidence in sharing the Gospel comes from and how we can have real conversations with people about Jesus.

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The Aim of Our Charge (Student Pastors) – Zach Mabry

With all the distractions that come up in the world today, we need to work hard to stay focused on what God has called us to do in our ministries. Realizing that part of the discipleship of our students is to help them think rightly through a Christian worldview we will look at how to address the culture around us while keeping the Gospel central.

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Psalm 119, Loving God’s Word – Zach Mabry

Can you imagine what it would be like for the God of the universe to speak to you? The unbelievable truth is that he has. God has communicated everything he wanted to us and it has been recorded and preserved for us. Psalm 119 tells us that his word is, “a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path”. This session will focus on the amazing gift we have in God’s Word and how we can use it to grow in godliness.

Teaching Slides – Loving God’s Word

Leadership Capacity – Time Alone and Time Away (Student Pastors) – Joseph Tucker

You wear a lot of hats. You have a lot of responsibilities and people looking to you for many things. How do you make the most of the time you’ve been given? How do you live leveraging and increasing your capacity to lead well and live wisely?

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