SWO21 Checkout Info


In order to teach respect and responsibility, we ask that leaders have their students thoroughly clean out their cabins/tents. If the cabin/tent is clean and without damage upon inspection by an assigned SWO staff member, the group leader will be free to sign out in the SWO Office without any further charges to the account. If, upon inspection, any damage is found, the group’s account will be charged $100 for damages in accordance with the Summer Registration Agreement.

Keep in mind that writing found anywhere besides the bunk-bed frame is considered damage. 

Cabin & Tent Inspections

  • 7:45 – 8:15 am (Saturday)

Once your cabin/tent is clean, your SWO staffers will inspect it and help you check out in the main office.

Cleaning Checklist

  • Take door mats outside and shake them off
  • Thoroughly sweep floors, stairs and under beds
  • Clean under each mattress and lean it against the wall
  • Place all trash in proper trash bins
  • Sweep porch and pick up trash in surrounding area
  • Ensure there is no writing on the walls
  • Turn off heaters/air conditioners

Snowbird is not responsible for any personal items lost, damaged or stolen while at Snowbird. Any items left behind will not be returned.