How do parents & attendees register with our group?

Our registration system was updated on 12/2/2020. Most of these notes below will still be helpful, even if the screenshots don’t look the same as your screen. Please contact us any time at 828.321.2210 or if you have any questions.

We’re working on updating our registration guides and will post them as soon as possible. Many thanks!

1. Copy and Paste the Itinerary Link given to you by your group leader/youth pastor into your web address bar.


This will bring you to a page that will ask you to confirm your registration. Please make sure that the information on the screen is correct. (Event, Event Division, Event Dates, and Group Name). If correct click “Continue” in the lower right-hand corner.

2. Select who you are registering.

  • If you are the parent registering your child click “A Child“.
  • If you are an attendee or chaperone(over 18 years old) click “Myself“.

*NOTE: The parents need to be the ones registering and completing all forms for students attending that are under the age of 18.

3. The website will prompt you to either sign into an existing Snowbird account or create a new account.

If you do not already have an existing account please select “Create a New Account” on the right-hand side. Please fill in the required boxes. If you wish to add a spouse click “Add Spouse” if not select “Create“.

4. Select Attendees – This is where you will enter the information of whoever is attending. If your child is attending select them. If you (the adult) will be attending select yourself.

*Note: If you wish to register more than one attendee, please log out and re-enter the link. Then select the next attendee you wish to register after your complete the registration for the first attendee.

5. Complete Forms – The last step is to complete the required waivers. Once these are completed you are all set!  

Common Errors/ Questions with Registering

If you are attending with a group the site is asking for a payment of any kind, this means that the attendee/parent is registering outside of your group Itinerary Link. The attendee/parent will need to contact the Snowbird Office at to resolve the issue. You can call at 828-321-2210 or email at


If registering two attendees/children – register the first attendee/child using the steps above. Once finished with the first attendee/child, log out and copy and paste the same Itinerary Link back into the web address bar. This will bring the user back to the beginning, so a second attendee/child can be registered.


  1. Log into your Snowbird Account Dashboard.
  2. Select “View Itineraries“.
  3. Click on your/your child’s name to see the forms.