3-4:30pm Registration
5:15pm Recreation Sign-Up*
5:30pm First Supper
6:15pm Second Supper
7:15pm Worship Service
9:00pm Free Time (Snack Shack)
10:00pm Share Groups**


6:45-8:30am SWO Underground (prayer chapel)
7:45am Youth Pastor Breakout (Tuesday – Thursday)
8:15am Breakfast
9:15am Morning Worship
11:00am Breakout Sessions
12:00pm 1st Lunch
12:30pm 2nd Lunch
1:15-5:15pm Recreation
5:30pm First Supper
6:15pm Second Supper
7:15pm Worship Service***
8:45pm – 12:00am SWO Underground (prayer chapel)
9:00pm (Tuesday night) Slam dunk competition
9:00pm (Wednesday night) Gaga Ball Tournament
9:00pm (Thursday and Friday nights) Free Time (Snack Shack)
10:00pm Share Groups**


8-9:00am Move Out, Clean Cabins, Cabin Inspection
8:15am Breakfast
9:15am Farewell Service
10:30am Depart

*Rec sign-up will not be delayed for groups that arrive late.
**Leaders may choose to plan share groups earlier or later.
***Thursday night: Meet at the arena at 6:30pm for Rodeo Games; 7:30pm Worship Service; 8:15pm Revelation Skit