Redeemed. Purchased. Bought back. These are just some of the beautiful pictures that we have of what God has done for us in the Gospel. The truth of the matter is that we were slaves to sin and unrighteousness, doomed for destruction but God purchased us with the precious blood of His Son.

In light of the amazing price that was paid, how are we to live our lives worthy of this Gospel? During this DNOW weekend we will remind ourselves of this Gospel and attempt to find our identity, not in our past sin, but in the reality of our redemption.

March 6-8, 2020

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“The teaching was excellent. The topic was hit on well in every lesson.” – JT

“SWO is intentional in their commitment to meet students where they are with the Gospel! This by far is the best experience for students and adults in the South!” – Jarrod

“As a student pastor, I like that Snowbird doesn’t try to capitalize on the emotions of students… but carry the teachings over into small groups so the staff has the opportunity to get real with kids in person.” – Andrew

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