Ministry & Leadership

How To Become An Asset & Not A Liability

Brody Holloway | Christian School Retreat In today’s session, Brody discusses how you can be an asset in your community or at work—rather than a liability. Believers, we need to … Continue reading

Brody Holloway June 22, 2021

NSR: Staff Training SWO21 + NEW (Ask Brody)

In today’s podcast, Brody walks through what training looks like for our staff as we get ready to kick off our first week of summer camp. During staff training we … Continue reading

Brody Holloway May 20, 2021

NSR: What is Critical Race Theory & How Christians Should View It

Critical race theory (CRT) and intersectionality are complicated and can be intimidating to understand. More clarity is needed to understand the danger of CRT and the whole-scale acceptance of it, … Continue reading

Brody Holloway November 16, 2020

Be Strong: The Slain Lamb, The Risen King

Be Strong | Dallas Bozeman | Sunday After studying the life of the kings, we’ve learned that none of the kings could save their people. They weren’t able to deliver … Continue reading

Dallas Bozeman November 3, 2020

Be Strong: The kings failed, the King Fulfilled

Be Strong | Brody Holloway | Saturday Night There is a progression of moving away from God’s instruction during the period of the kings. Brody walks through Deuteronomy 17 in … Continue reading

Brody Holloway October 30, 2020

NSR: Two Missionary Stories: One of Faithfulness, One of Selfishness

Brody tells a crazy story of two missionary couples in this episode. There is a contrast between those who go and stay faithful and those who go and forget their … Continue reading

Brody Holloway October 19, 2020

Look to Jesus, There’s Work to Do

Be Strong | Saturday Morning | Brody Holloway In this session, Brody looked at the life of Hezekiah and examined how we can learn from his successes and failures. The … Continue reading

Brody Holloway October 13, 2020

Attacking Deconstruction

Iron on Iron | Breakout | Zach Mabry We live in a society that is increasingly hostile to Christianity and increasingly celebratory of those who experience a “spiritual deconstruction” and … Continue reading

Zach Mabry September 16, 2020

Showing Your Work, and Teaching to Fish

Iron on Iron | Breakout | Zach Mabry The central point of student ministry when we gather together is the handling of God’s Word. The two pictures of “showing your … Continue reading

Zach Mabry September 16, 2020

A Good Shepherd Keeps His Sheep

Iron on Iron | Session 4 | Rob Conti As we shepherd our students, we will encounter scoffers, worldly people, and those that seek to divide the Church.  To combat … Continue reading

Rob Conti September 16, 2020