John Ragon

Ramadan 15: What Does the Bible Say About Jesus?

The most vital thing for each of us is to know and follow Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior. For most of us in the American church, this … Continue reading

John Ragon May 19, 2019
Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters

Ramadan Guide Intro: How to Love and Engage Muslims with the Gospel

This morning, marked the start of Ramadan, the annual 30 days of fasting for Muslims around the world. This morning, 1.8 billion men, women, and children started their day worshipping … Continue reading

Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters May 5, 2019

Respond: The Presence of the Lord in Times of Anxiety

Brody Holloway: Acts 18: Respond Conference: April 28, 2019 God may be doing any number of things when we suffer or endure difficulty and hardship. But, God never wastes our … Continue reading

Brody Holloway May 2, 2019
Robert Lane

Religion, Science, & My Personal Philosophy on a Christian’s Education

By Robert Lane Education is impossible to avoid. We don’t choose to be educated or non-educated. The only option we have is what we are educated in and the level … Continue reading

Robert Lane April 16, 2019
Seth Stewart

How I Prepared to Teach Colossians to Students

By Seth Stewart Start with a Long-Term Strategy I very rarely choose a book in isolation. Each year, I make sure my students get a healthy diet of Scripture. I … Continue reading

Seth Stewart April 9, 2019
Zach Mabry

Be Strong: Kingdom and Country

Zach Mabry : 1 Peter 2 : Be Strong Where is our identity found? Are we primarily American or primarily Christian? Where are we putting our faith and hope? When … Continue reading

Zach Mabry March 21, 2019
Zach Mabry

College Retreat: Entering into Enemy-Controlled Territory

Zach Mabry : College Retreat : January 26, 2019 Don’t be tempted to excel in the academic world to the extent that you are willing to compromise the Truth. You … Continue reading

Zach Mabry January 30, 2019
Rob Conti

College Retreat: Him We Proclaim

Rob Conti : College Retreat : Colossians 1 : January 26, 2019 The world has suppressed the Truth and it is our job to proclaim the glory of God to … Continue reading

Rob Conti January 30, 2019
Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters

Advent Guide: Introduction

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The Advent season is a time to remember, celebrate, and share the good news of Christ coming into the world. Unfortunately, we are busy with chasing down gifts, family travel … Continue reading

Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters November 28, 2018
Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters

Resources: OLD School’s Favorite Books

The Outdoor Leadership & Discipleship School is our college wilderness program. We have staff members skilled and certified in multi-pitch rock climbing, swift water rescue techniques, and emergency wilderness medicine. … Continue reading

Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters November 12, 2018