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2 Books That Help Us Understand Race and Unity in the Church

Divided by Faith: Evangelical Religion and the Problem of Race in America By Christian Smith & Michael Emerson “From the isolated, individualistic perspective of most white evangelicals and many other … Continue reading

Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters February 4, 2019
Rob Conti

SWO18 Leaders: Church, The Most Segregated Hour In America

Rob Conti : Summer 2018 : Thursday AM Church: The Most Segregated Hour In America and the Power of the Gospel to Unite Us Rob seeks to expose┬áthe blind spots … Continue reading

Rob Conti August 14, 2018
Dallas Bozeman

SWO18 Breakout: Race and the Gospel

Dallas “Gar” Bozeman : Summer 2018 : Thursday AM This generation, empowered and driven by the Gospel, has the opportunity to heal racial wounds that have long existed in America. … Continue reading

Dallas Bozeman August 14, 2018
Dallas Bozeman

Missions Conference: The Dividing Wall

Dallas “Gar” Bozeman : Missions Conference : Ephesians 2:1, 14-16 : April 21, 2018 The Church had a part in the era of slavery both domestically and internationally. As believers, … Continue reading

Dallas Bozeman April 24, 2018