Spencer Davis

DNOW 2020: Slaves to Righteousness

Romans 6 : Spencer Davis : Saturday Morning

Spencer Davis March 11, 2020
Sarah Conti

Respond Women’s Conference: Neither Do I Condemn You. Go and Sin No More

Sarah Conti : Respond : Sunday Morning : John 8:1-11 The Pharisees hated that Jesus was a friend of sinners and that He interpreted the law in new ways. Jesus tells the woman … Continue reading

Sarah Conti May 9, 2017

He Fulfilled the Law and Perfected It

I went to jail this past week.  I was only visiting, but it definitely got my attention and reminded me that I want to obey the law and never spend … Continue reading

Brody Holloway February 11, 2016
Rob Conti

Focusing on Obedience without Endorsing Legalism

Rob Conti walks through how to navigate teaching while navigating through legalism and license.  As God had given the Ten Commandments after he had already delivered Israel, so it is that obedience … Continue reading

Rob Conti September 3, 2014

SWO10: The Justness of God


Brody Holloway : SWO10 : Tuesday Night Learn more: Summer Camp

Brody Holloway June 8, 2010