John 3

Missions Conference: What it Means to be an Ambassador for Christ


Spencer Davis | Missions Conference 2021 | Friday night Believers, we are called to take the Gospel to the ends of the Earth. Whether we go overseas or stay home … Continue reading

Spencer Davis May 13, 2021

Winter SWO: The Bride of Christ


Winter SWO 2021 | Rob Conti | John 4 In this sermon, Rob looks at the story of the woman at the well and how Jesus lovingly and boldly calls … Continue reading

Rob Conti March 18, 2021

Breaking the Deception of Earning God’s Love

By Ian Conrey After having a discussion with a non-Christian the other day, one thing he said stuck out to me. “I refuse to believe,” he said. “That I am … Continue reading

Snowbird Guests January 7, 2020

DNOW: The Bronze Serpent

Rob Conti : DNOW @ SWO : John 3, Numbers 21 : April 6, 2018 In John 3, Jesus is portrayed as something that can be confusing — He is portrayed … Continue reading

Rob Conti April 18, 2018

To Those Who Stand Condemned

Bobby Lane | John 3 | Missions Conference Bobby Lane teaches from John 3:17-18, tackling the reality of our condemnation and the grace found in the redemption offered in the … Continue reading

Robert Lane April 22, 2016

SWO11: Why Did Jesus Come?


Brody Holloway | John 3 | SWO11 Brody Holloway teaches from John 3. We were condemned already, Christ came to bring salvation! Opening night of SWO11 summer camp.

Brody Holloway February 21, 2012