god's sovereignty

Rob Conti

SWO19: The Unlimited and Ultimate Sovereignty of Jesus

Rob Conti : Summer 2019 : Thursday PM Just as Jesus ascended into heaven, He will one day return. This hope should shape the way we live our lives until … Continue reading

Rob Conti August 22, 2019
Spencer Davis

Winter SWO: God is Always in Control

Spencer Davis : Winter SWO : Luke 2 The entire Old Testament looks toward the coming of Jesus. Prophecy upon prophecy was written about the Messiah — and Christ fulfilled … Continue reading

Spencer Davis March 1, 2017
Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters

Be Strong: Bruce and the Bear

It’s easy to say God is sovereign or supreme or in control. And it’s easy to thank God for the good things in our lives. But what about when you … Continue reading

Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters January 6, 2017
Spencer Davis

SWO14 Friday Morning

Spencer Davis continues through the theme for SWO14 by looking at the crucifixion of Jesus in Mark 14-15.  At no point during the illegal trials ruthless beatings and bloody death … Continue reading

Spencer Davis August 29, 2014