2 Timothy 3

Zach Mabry

SWO18 Breakout: How Did We Get the Bible?

Zach Mabry : Summer 2018 : Friday AM Where did the Bible come from, and why should we trust it? Many of us have grown up in a Christian environment … Continue reading

Zach Mabry August 14, 2018
Zach Mabry

Fall Retreats: History of the Protestant Reformation

Zach Mabry :¬†2 Timothy 3:7-17 : Fall Retreats¬†: Nov. 4, 2017 “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” The history of the Protestant Reformation is helpful … Continue reading

Zach Mabry November 14, 2017

A Love for the Word of God

Brody Holloway closes out the 2014 Worldview Conference by walking through 2 Timothy 3:16-17.¬† If the Word of God can accomplish what it intends to accomplish then it needs to … Continue reading

Brody Holloway November 11, 2014