To The Class of 2020

To the Class of 2020,

I can’t pretend I know what it’s like to be in your shoes. Your Senior Year is a time for planning graduation parties, enjoying your prom, and killing it in spring sports… but you are not doing any of that.

You are quarantined in your homes, doing online assignments to get a diploma that will likely be sent via UPS.

There is a local girl here in Andrews that is a senior, and decided this year to skip out on fall and winter sports (volleyball and basketball) to focus on the spring sports (softball and track). What she didn’t know when she made that decision was that her Junior Year was her last year of High School athletics.

That really made me think about what you guys are going through. There are a lot of hurried goodbyes—friendships that will drift off to the next phase without real closure.

There are canceled ceremonies, future jobs in jeopardy, recruiting difficulties and so much more.

So, we are hurting for y’all here at SWO. What y’all are going through is real, and really hurts.

That being said, I’d like to give five thoughts of hope and perspective for your Senior Year. It’s not all as bleak as it seems, I promise.

5 Thoughts of Hope and Perspective:

  1. First, you are not alone. You can find some solace in the fact that there are thousands and thousands of other High School and College Seniors in the same situation. When you look back on this spring with other Class of 2020 members, you’ll have a LOT of folks around that will understand.
  2. Second, your future hasn’t changed… you’re just there a month or two earlier than planned. You’re still on track. Yes, summer jobs may be affected, and some parts of the economy will take a while to bounce back to new hires, but you will be great. In fact, a little adversity will probably prep you for your future career in a way that your normal Senior Spring could not have.
  3. Third, it’s good to keep things in perspective—while your life has been changed temporarily, many have been changed permanently. There are many in your community that have lost much much more than you have.
  4. Fourth, this is your opportunity to be part of the solution. So many students that we talk to want to be part of something bigger than themselves. This time isn’t a curse for you—it’s a gift. Think of how you can be used! You can take groceries to older folks that are scared to get out, you can spend real and meaningful time with your family like never before, you can help protect those that are weak.
  5. And fifth, this is your time to shine as lights in the world. We, as believers, don’t grieve like the world does. Our hope is not primarily in medicines, politicians or social policies. Our hope is in a Sovereign God, who has completely changed your Senior Spring. Why has God changed your spring? While there are a lot of reasons beyond our understanding, we know this: God is about giving good gifts to His children. While some gifts are obvious, usually the best gifts, at first, look like hardships. They’re opportunity in disguise.

Look for opportunities to offer the hope of Christ to your hurting neighbors. Dig deep into the Word—you’ll never have this much downtime again. Reach out via the internet to your friends—everyone is contemplating HUGE questions about life, meaning and God these days, and you could be the one God uses to shine the light.

It stinks missing out on all that has been canceled this spring. BUT—don’t miss out on the opportunities God has for you.

You can be used in a unique way this spring like never before. Christ wants to maximize His impact to the world through YOU, and that’s way way more exciting than prom!

We love you guys and we’re hurting with you, but we’re excited for you,


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