The Main Thing

This is the beginning of a blog series in which our goal is to walk through a passage of scripture every week. In honor of the great Steve Brooks, who you may remember from his time on the bench of the Morehead State Eagles in their epic loss to Syracuse in the first round of the 1983 NCAA Tournament, we are entitling this series, The Main Thing.

As you know, we at SWO place a high priority on the expositional preaching of Scripture, meaning that we desire to let the Bible speak for itself, and that the goal of preaching/teaching is to make the main point of the passage the main point of the sermon. However, we will not be able to be good expositional preachers unless we first become good expositional studiers. We need to make sure that we understand God’s word in its proper context, because if we don’t understand it in context then we aren’t understanding it at all. It is our desire that in walking through these passages we can better understand what God is saying to His people through His Word.

And in the wise words of Steve Brooks, “The main thing in life is keeping the main thing the main thing.”