The Bulletin: Studying the Bible, Pastor Wang Yi, Biblical Sexuality, and a Gospel-Centered Church

Jen Wilkin is putting out some great resources. Here’s the first of a 5-day “How to Study the Bible” plan that she’s released via Crossway.

Is the idea of “personal sin” enabling us to sin without truly realizing the ramifications? Andrew Roycroft thinks so—read his thoughts on why “One of the greatest acts of Christian mislabelling is our ongoing use of the term ‘personal sin’.

Chinese pastor, Wang Yi, was recently sentenced to 9 years in prison and fined 50,000 RMB. Here’s an open letter from Early Rain Covenant Church pleading for prayer and Pastor Wang Yi’s release.

You might have heard there were some big conversations within the United Methodist denomination lately. The TGC wrote this helpful FAQ’s about the United Methodist denomination split.

We’re 10 days into are your resolutions going? If you want some fun inspiration, check out Danny MacAskill’s Gym Routine video!

“Gospel-centered” has been the buzzword of the decade among the American church. But with all of the words thrown around, “How Can You Tell if a Church is Gospel-Centered?” Yancey Arrington wrote a helpful article.

From the SWO Archives: Here’s a sermon from a previous purity retreat by Spencer Davis: Glorifying God in our Sexuality

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