The Bulletin: Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards, Enduring Ministry, and the Role of the Youth Pastor

If you haven’t figured it out yet, we love Jesus. And, we also love how clear the Gospel of John points to Jesus as the God-man. The guys from Spoken Gospel keep coming out with amazing videos!

Your Ministry Will Take a Lifetime: My Counsel for Younger Men. This article from Ray Ortlund is worthy reading for any man who aspires to lead (or is currently) the local church. “Only men with scars can preach a Savior with scars to sinners with scars.”

The Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards have stood the test of time as a challenging resource for anyone wanting to grow in godliness. Matt Perman has reorganized them into categories for better readability…and we think they are worth considering.

Did you know that your iPhone or iPad can read your Kindle books to you? Check out how in this article from Redeeming Productivity.

Here’s a snapshot of what the global church looks like every Sunday.

Everyone has an opinion on The Role of the Youth Pastor in the Local Church, but this post was added to Rooted recently that brings us back home to what God’s Word says. “His word calls you a shepherd…The primary calling of an elder/pastor is to shepherd, or pastor, God’s people. You shepherd them by teaching and equipping them with the gospel (Eph. 4:11).”

From the SWO Archives: If you didn’t catch it when it was published, go back and read Zach Mabry’s blog from a couple of weeks ago: 7 Questions to Guide Your New Year’s Resolutions

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