The Bulletin: Read the Bible Better, What to Know About Netflix, and How Social Media Destroys Mentorship

David Platt shares the acronym MAPS as a way to read the Bible better…helpful!

Meet the new TGC president, Julius Kim.

Check out this blog by one of our missionary partners, Jeremy Taliaferro: 3 Ways Social Media Destroyed Mentorship Without Us Noticing.

Here are some eye-opening quotes and mission statements from Netflix that every Christian should be aware of… In fact, the author might even be holding back more than she needed to. She was very kind in her words.

A new study by the Journal of Vocational Behavior found that Spending More Time On Your Hobbies Can Boost Confidence At Work — If They Are Sufficiently Different From Your Job. This is a good warning for the workaholics out there!

“It’s tempting to feel our ordinary lives and ordinary service are of little value, especially when we compare them to our culture’s standards of success. It’s easy to assume we are doing nothing. But that’s simply not true. A homebound friend, constrained by chronic illness, prays faithfully for others and thereby achieves great things for God’s kingdom. God uses the weak and the unseen and the overlooked.” – Emma Scrivener

From the SWO Archives: Being On Mission Now – This is a sermon Brody Holloway preached at our inaugural 2019 College Retreat. Listen and take notes, he made some hard-hitting points!

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