The Bulletin: Personality Tests, the Rock of the Church, Diversity, and Skiing Without Snow

In the spirit of acting now…and not waiting until the time is right. We thought you would enjoy this commercial!

Many theological conversations and disagreements have happened over the interpretation of Matthew 16:18, and what Jesus meant by “this rock” in His conversation with Peter. Gregg Allison wrote a helpful (and short) article on this verse recently that is worth reading.

David Mathis, the executive editor at Desiring God, shared his thoughts and recommendations on seizing the morning in 2020.

Personality tests don’t excuse sin. Christa Threlfall wrote a helpful article on the TGC blog recently that examines how personality can be useful, and how we can also use personality as an excuse to ignore our flesh. Read it!

Continuing the theme of personality and gifting, Brad Hambrick from The Summit thinks churches need to consciously maintain a diversity of personality within their leadership.

Here are a few practical pointers on marriage from Tim Challies.

From the SWO Archives: If you haven’t seen them yet, we posted the teaching sessions from our 2020 SWO College Retreat on Tuesday.

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