The Bulletin: New Music, Online Education, Missionaries in Rome, & Relational Ministry

Shelly Moore is a close friend of SWO, and also happens to be one of our favorite music artists. Check out her new original song, Forever Now a Crown! It’s also on Spotify.

Robert (Bobby) Lane wrote a helpful blog this week on online learning. How to make the most of your online education.

Coronavirus has hit Europe hard, but Jesus is still saving souls in Italy and the Church is celebrating!

In case you were still wondering, you can clean your iPhone with a disinfectant wipe.

We love Gospel-driven discipleship, which is enabled by deep personal relationships (not simply ministry roles). Rooted published a blog recently that made some points for those involved in youth ministry: Why Relationships Are Stronger Than Roles

Here are some ways to pray for missionaries during the Coronavirus crisis.

From the SWO Archives: We thought it might be nice to lighten the mood a little this weekend…here’s a Snack Shack video from 2006 (with Spencer Davis and John Creger).

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