The Bulletin: Mercy Ministry, Alliteration, Gospel-Centered Student Retreats and Vision

What does it mean to be “entrusted with the Gospel”? Don’t wait too late to register for T4G 2020, we’ll see you there!

What does “mercy ministry” actually look like in the context of the local church? Tony Merida and Tyler St. Clair recorded this Acts 29 podcast on The Best Kind of Mercy Ministry. Check it out!

The Rules for Alliteration – by Tim Challies

Rooted recently published an article with some great tips and reminders on how to plan a Gospel-centered retreat for your students. They make some good points on choosing gospel-centered partners, taking advantage of planned and unplanned activities, and maintaining a focus on “retreating” to the Lord.

If you plan on losing your wallet or phone soon, make sure you’re in Japan so that you can get it back!

Michael Hyatt thinks there are 4 Strategic Benefits of Having a Vision. Listen to his recent podcast and see if you’re sharing your vision in the right ways with your team.

From the SWO Archives: Did you know we posted the 2020 Winter SWO teaching sessions yesterday? Go listen to them today!

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