The Bulletin: Habits, Humility, Obedience, and 2020 New Year’s Traditions

“Be true to yourself.” Is it really that wrong? Kevin DeYoung provides a fantastic response here:

David Mathis recently wrote a book titled Habits of Grace: Enjoying Jesus Through the Spiritual Disciplines. We haven’t read the book yet, but this podcast interview with him is uniquely valuable for any Christian wanting to enjoy Jesus more and follow Him more faithfully! Listen or read it here: How to Read the Bible Every Day in 2020.

If you’re looking to reduce stress any in 2020, then it is worth evaluating how you use social media. Here’s how and why to Reduce Your Social Media Friction.

According to John Piper, “godly conviction is not arrogance.” We agree, and think the Bible does too. Watch this 30 min sermon video from Phoenix Seminary:  How Does Humility Lead in Conflict?

It’s not every day that Andrews, NC (our hometown) makes the national news! We thought you might appreciate our community’s New Year tradition (or the end of it).

Rachel Cohen wrote an excellent story about our calling to obey Jesus day by day, no matter the command. Read it, and pray for the faith to say yes to Jesus daily in 2020! Christian Obedience Is a Lifetime of Yeses, Even When the Next One Could Cost You Everything

From the SWO Archives: Zach Mabry wrote a short post on 7 Questions to Guide your New Year’s Resolutions earlier this week. Be sure and check it out if you missed it!

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