The Bulletin: God’s Global Mission, Christians That Support Abortion, & Detecting Idolatry

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The Great Commission didn’t start when Jesus proclaimed it in Matthew 28. God always wanted the whole world. Jason DeRouchie wrote a thorough article on “global mission from Genesis to Revelation” and it’s worth reading. We never get tired of seeing the missional, sacrificial, and relentless character of our Lord.

This Nine-question quiz will ruin your day. J.D. Greear points out that idolatry is at the core of our sin. So, he prepped an “Idolatry Detection Test” to help believers see what truly drives their heart motivations—convicting, but helpful if growing in godliness is important to you!

The Shipwreck that Gave Birth to South Africa

Beware the god of Open Options – Barry Cooper (TGC)

Why Christians Support Abortion (And How We Can Change That). Joe Carter writes that  “If we are going to make the American church pro-life we need to correct ignorance, separate from apostasy, and reject consequentialist moral relativism.” We should all heed his words!

From the SWO Archives: 4 Ways to Guide Your Child Through a Gap Year Decision by Susan E. Greenwood

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