The Bulletin: Dangerous Countries, Catechesis, Learning Through Teaching, & Parenting Toward Purity

This video isn’t exceptionally recent — but sometimes we all need to be reminded of the glory of the Gospel.


Check out this list of the 10 countries where it’s most dangerous to be a Christian — and use it as a prayer guide this weekend!

We all know Africa is a massive piece of land — But really, how big is it? Visualizing the True Size of Africa

Don’t be too quick to knock catechesis. Biblical catechesis questions are helpful for helping believers think with more clarity toward their faith and practice. The Lost Art of Catechesis. We haven’t read Lee Nelson’s book yet (co-edited by J.I. Packer and others), but it might be worth checking out. Right now, many of our staff are using the New City Catechism with our families.

Will Anderson thinks “teaching kids the Bible can be as beneficial to our souls as it is to theirs.” Read over his notes on 5 ways the Lord transforms you as you teach Scripture to your children!

Here are 4 thoughts on how to parent towards purity, from Michael Guyer.

From the SWO Archives: We just finished out the 2020 Pure & Holy student retreat this past weekend, check out the purity retreat teaching sessions here.

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