The Bulletin: Creation Documentary, Risks, & Bible Reading Habits

Welcome to Friday! We’ve been praying for you guys, and hope that you’ve been able to lift your head up out of the content overload a little. Here are some great resources we’ve run across lately—but we also encourage you to turn off the media engine at some point. Set aside time each day to turn off the screens and notifications.

Open your Bible, sit on your porch for an hour, and read through big chunks of Scripture. That will never be wasted time!

The Riot and the Dance is a fantastic documentary series (2 videos) produced by Christians who wanted to point to the glory of God through His creation. You can watch the whole video via your Hulu account! “Follow along with Dr. Gordon Wilson as he traverses our planet, basking in God’s masterpieces whether he’s catching wildlife in his own back yard or in the jungles of Sri Lanka.”

Rooted published a timely article on Helping Students Redeem the Time Quarantine.

These guys found a way to wash your hands to your favorite tune…pretty funny.

Marie Burrus wrote a helpful post for SEBTS on How to Work from Home (without losing your job, mind, or soul).

Here’s a recording from John Piper on the Ask Pastor John podcast channel that was posted last week. He’s not referring to the COVID-19 pandemic: How Do I Take Risks Without Being Unwise?

8 Bible Reading Habits to Establish as a Young Person

From the SWO Archives: Curious how we’re handling the Coronavirus situation at SWO? Check out this ministry continuity page we released yesterday (includes a video about SWO20 Summer Camp).

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