The Bulletin: Benedictions, Daylight Savings Time, What Forgiveness Isn’t, & How Your Phone is Teaching You to Pray

We spend plenty of time talking about the need for forgiveness, but it’s also worthwhile to remember what forgiveness is not. Here are 5 things from Brad Hambrick.

Check out these 5 reasons to recover benedictions in your church.

Whether you realize it or not, Your Phone is Teaching You How to Pray.

Ever wondered why daylight savings begins at 2 a.m.? Here are the facts.

Know Why You Think What You ThinkRyan Snuffer and Norman Geisler recently wrote a helpful article reminding believers to think critically about how our theistic worldview teaches us to think, and how that differs from someone who is not yet a child of God.

From the SWO Archives: We launched a brand new podcast channel this week! No Sanity Required is available on the website, Snowbird App, Spotify, Google Play, and Stitcher right now.

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