The Bulletin: Why We Confess Sin, Myths That Keep College Students From Joining a Church, and Slowing Down

Why discipline is about learning to fail better (Kent Hughes):

God’s Word tells us in James 5:16 to confess our sins to one another. But, what’s the big deal and why can’t we just handle that privately in prayer? Meredith Cook walks through Scripture and lays out God’s plan: Why Do We Need to Confess our Sin to Others?

Jim Davis recently wrote an article on 4 myths that keep college students from joining a church. We appreciate his wise and biblical words: “Do you want to faithfully follow Christ during your college years? Then join a church.” If you’re a college student then read it today!

Sadly, many Christians “struggle to see the connection between their worship on Sunday and their labors on Monday.” God has designed our work for so much more than merely bringing home the bacon. In 5 Reasons Why Our Work Matters to God, Daniel Darling shares the biblical picture of labor in our present and eternal lives.

When is the last time you prioritized extended time with the Lord? By yourself, in complete quiet? Busyness doesn’t always mean effectiveness (or holiness). Ronjour Locke teaches on Preaching and Urban Ministry at SEBTS and has shared an honest story of Jesus getting His attention by slowing him down. Rest is found in Christ alone!

Whether we realize it or not, our lives and our days are filled with habits we form over time. So, let’s make sure we’re fostering habits that enable us to abide in Christ through prayer and reading His Word Susan Lafferty shares three keys of Habit that she’s learned over decades spent in various roles on various continents.

From the SWO Archives: What Does the Bible Say About Fighting Depression?

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