The Bulletin: Phones Can’t Replace the Church, Substitutionary Atonement, and a Testimony From Thomas Tarrants


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Everything in this video could be filed under “don’t try this at home”.

“Any habit or activity can be a means of joy, peace, and healing, but only if it brings you to God — our only Lord, Savior, and greatest Treasure.” The Insanity of Self-Care

Apparently the word terrific used to mean “terror-inducing”. Check out these other word’s definitions that have changed from good to bad (or vice versa)

It’s sad that this article is important, but … Nothing on Your Phone Can Replace the Local Church

Few doctrines are more beautiful than penal substitutionary atonement. To behold it is to stare into the Godhead itself.

“I marvel at His continuing patience in my life. Truly, with God, there is no sin too great to forgive, no bondage too hard to break, and no pit so deep that his love isn’t deeper still.” This is a wonderful testimony of God’s grace overcoming racism, hatred, and violence.

From the SWO Archives: Inheritance Received from the 2019 Pure and Holy Conference.

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