The Bulletin: Falling Upward, 13 Marriage Lessons in 13 Minutes, and How Church Planting is a Family Endeavor

Kent Hughes describes his practice of spiritual disciplines as “failing upward”.

Ray Ortland is not impressed with young guys publishing books; he’s impressed with his father’s daily slogging in “no big-deal-ness”.

If we haven’t made it clear yet, we are big fans of reading. So, we think you should read this blog about the benefits of reading.

We’ve mentioned former staff members Daniel and Heather Ritchie and their podcast before on The Bulletin, but this one was just too good and practical to pass up: 13 Marriage Lessons in 13 Minutes.

“Any type of ministry, including church planting, is always a family endeavor.” These learned truths about trusting the Lord, continually learning, and flexibility are challenging no matter where you are in your family life.

From the SWO Archives: We just released all of our sessions from SWO19! There are dozens of sessions and we hope you’ll take some time and be challenged and encouraged by them all!

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