The Bulletin: Staying Awake Spiritually, Productivity, and How to Create a Reading Culture in your Church

This is a cool video looking at the work that needs to be done and is being done around the world with the Gospel.


Great news everybody – The Briefing is back! If you don’t listen to Al Mohler’s, “daily analysis of news and events from a Christian worldview” you should start now. This is a great resource for believers who want to keep up with major national and international news and think about it through the lens of the Gospel. (Pro tip: listen to it at 1.5x speed)

“A lack of watchfulness is perilous to our souls — I mean very real peril, not metaphorical or virtual or poetical peril.” Stay Awake to Spiritual Danger.

Ten Principles for Personal Productivity: We like this because 1) You can listen to it or read it 2) It isn’t about a new app or lifehack or sleep cycle trick 3) It’s practical steps to work hard and press into Christ as we work.

We don’t live in a culture that loves books or reading. We live in a culture that loves skimming and images. The decline of reading is and will continue to have negative impacts on our culture and specifically the local church. Here are some thoughts from Tim Challies on How to Create a Reading Culture in your Church.

From the SWO archives: Why Do Men Love to Fish?


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