The Bulletin:How to Find Rest This Summer, Clichés that Need to Die, and What the Bible Says About the Self-Care Movement


John Piper’s Look at the Book videos are awesome and there are tons of them! These are great for those wanting to learn more about studying the Bible.

Here at SWO our summers are crazy, and we know that your summers are probably pretty crazy too. Between camps, vacations, visits from the in-laws, and who-knows-what-else, sometimes it’s hard to find true rest in the summer months.

5 Christian Clichés that Need to Die

Paul Tripp is an author, speaker, and pastor. Follow him on Twitter to be challenged, encouraged, and to see an extremely nice mustache.

The self-care movement makes helpful suggestions but empty promises. What we need is a deeper and greater source of life, joy, and peace, one that exists outside of ourselves.

Zach Mabry used Worship by the Book by D.A. Carson in preparing to teach a breakout session on worship at SWO19. Worship by the Book pushes past cultural norms and cliches, styles and traditions to look at what Scripture instructs us to do in worship and how we are to do it.

From the SWO archives: Entering into Enemy Controlled Territory from the SWO College Retreat

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