The Bulletin: What Every Pastor is Thinking, How Fathers Help Roll Back the Curse, and Scrolling for Significance


This is one of our all-time favorites!

Shai Linne’s Attributes of God album is more doctrinally rich and theologically dense than a lot of good theology books.

The Wrestling Pastor captures, very accurately, exactly what every pastor is thinking.

True Spirituality by Francis Schaeffer is on our must-read list. Schaeffer examines the Christian worldview and believes it to be the only belief system that is able to be consistently lived out in everyday life. Then he challenges readers to do just that – live out their faith moment-by-moment by dying to ourselves and living in Christ. Some of our staff love Francis Schaeffer so much they started a club to read and discuss his work.

How Fathers Help Roll Back the Curse: This is a great article on God’s purpose and desire for fathers.

Joshua Project’s Unreached of the Day. Bookmark this page, visit it frequently, and pray for the people you see, that they would receive the Gospel.

Scrolling for Significance is not a new problem. iPhones might make it more obvious, but our sinful hearts have been misleading our eyes ever since the Fall.

From the SWO archives: Shepherding Lessons – the shepherd smells like the sheep

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