The Bulletin: Why we Should Only Send Missionary Teams, How to Tell if a Church is Gospel-Centered, and the Vanishing American Adult

If you haven’t seen this video yet then you’re welcome.

If you haven’t heard of Danny Macaskill yet then you’re double welcome!

If you, like us, are constantly looking for Christian music that is both Gospel-centered and actually good music then Sojourn’s Over the Grave is for you.

We are pleased to recommend to you The Middle podcast from Daniel and Heather Ritchie. Daniel and Heather both worked on staff here for years and are some of our favorite people. They just started this new podcast and we think you’ll love it. They even give us a shoutout in the first episode.

Why We Should Only Send Missionary Teams

The Acts 29 Southern Africa Instagram account is a great way to be challenged with truth and reminded to pray for the global Church.

How Can You Tell if a Church is Gospel-Centered? Big hint: faithful exposition of the Scriptures.

Ben Sasse’s The Vanishing American Adult is one of the most timely reads for this moment in history. Sasse tackles the crisis of extended adolescence and has great insight into how we can be and build up active and engaged citizens starting today.

From the SWO archives: Marriage is Covenant

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