The Bulletin: Equipping Shepherds, What We Should Know About Cohabitation, and Parenting in Fear

Have you ever felt the need to choose between the “lesser of two evils”? Russell Moore has a few thoughts worth considering.

SEBTS Intersect published an article on Why Christians Should Consider Coaching Little League Sports that is worth checking out! We appreciate Jeremy Bell’s passion for building relationships through natural rhythms of life.

False teachings are rampant in Africa… As a result, churches across the continent are full of people who profess to love Jesus because they think He came merely to rescue them from earthly suffering, while the true gospel calls them to worship Him as Lord and Savior. Without good shepherds to guide the flock here, the sheep are quickly led astray — and devoured.

Since Christmas time is upon us, we’re hoping you’ll watch It’s a Wonderful Life at some point. While you’re at it, here are 8 surprising facts about Jimmy Stewart.

A new survey finds that cohabitation is pervasive in the United States, and is increasingly viewed as acceptable by Christians—even if it doesn’t lead to marriage. TGC points out 9 things we should know about cohabitation.

Parents, “we need not parent in fear.”

From the SWO Archives: True Freedom – Brody Holloway (Pure & Holy 2019 retreat)

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