The Bulletin: Skiing Stereotypes, Discouraging Your Children Away from Missions, and How Long Resolutions Really Last

In the spirit of Winter SWO (started today), here are a few skiing stereotypes that we’ll be looking for on the slopes.

Here are 10 Questions to Ask at the Start of a New Year, from Donald Whitney. We can’t recommend this list any higher.

Parents, here are 5 ways to ensure that your kids never consider being a missionary. Scott and Lesley Hildreth bring godly wisdom and blunt obedience to Jesus that we should all take note of.

Have you been considering some new habits for 2020? Tim Challies thinks you should write more, and gives us 6 reasons why writing is worth it.

Ever find yourself distracted by your phone? Who hasn’t? Shawn Blanc shared a simple tip of how to create a Blank iPhone First Home Screen. One of our staff guys has already jumped in.

New Years Resolutions have become quite a cultural joke. Here’s how long most people stick to their exercise resolutions. (If you don’t want to fail your goals by Jan. 12, then read Donald Whitney’s 10 Questions article listed at the top).

From the SWO Archives: 6 Ways to Help Renew Your Mind & Prevent Drift in Ministry

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