The Bulletin: Christmas Stereotypes, How the Church Can Help Veterans, and Praying For Pastors

Admit it, we all fit into one of these Christmas stereotypes…

Joe Carter thinks that the best way to change America is to invite a Millennial to church — we agree. So, read his notes/stats and find someone to invite to your Christmas service!

In this digital age, it’s inevitable that you’ll eventually get stuck in a group chat that you don’t want to be in. Here’s how to get out.

Souls at War: What Veterans Need from the Church. One of our own, Gar (Dallas) Bozeman, recently wrote this blog for Converge. Check it out, and spend intentional time engaging veterans in your local church body.

The Christmas season, just like every other day of the year, is a great time to spend intentional time praying for your pastors. We loved Jeramie Rinne’s article on 7 ways to pray for your pastor – read it!

Itinerant ministry can be done really well and in a way that points to Jesus, or poorly and in a way that degrades the role of the local church. For the Church recently posted some thoughts on what it looks like to pursue A Health Itinerant Ministry.

From the SWO Archives: Here are some of our favorite Christmas albums, and how to find them!

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