The Bulletin: The Most Ignored Book in the Bible, Spiritual Gifts, and How Evangelism Changes the Christian Life

Who hasn’t dreamed of skiing the Great Wall of China? Candide killed it!

The Christian life is not a vacation on easy street, but Randy Alcorn makes a good point that it’s also not a frowning contest. Christian, we have a message that is worth celebrating because our God came to rescue us!

Everyone knows exercise is good for you but did you know that “running just once a week is linked to a 27 percent drop in risk of early death?”

David Prince thinks Jude is one of the most ignored books of the Bible. We think this is a shame, so check out this article and read Jude today!

God has given each one of us specific gifts to glorify Him, serve the Body, and proclaim His Truth. Tim Challies, one of our favorite pastors, shared a short article recently: How to Discover and Deploy Your Gifts

If God answered your prayers, would anyone new be in the Kingdom?” Lee Strobel asked this probing questing during a lecture at SEBTS…it’s a sermon worth watching! He makes some fantastic points on how to be salt and light in the 21st century.

From the SWO Archives: December 1 is Sunday, and we’re releasing our Snowbird Advent Guide in a brand new format. Follow this link to make sure you have all the details for what’s coming up (and download the free ebook)!

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