The Bulletin: Church Planting, Stockpiling Coffee, and What We Can Learn From Paul’s Conversion

What can we say? The temps hit solidly below freezing this week, so we’re dreaming of powder…

Have you ever considered that planting a church might aid your parent church to grow in new ways? Be sure to check out “6 Ways Church Planting Blesses the Sending Church” by Tony Merida.

You might not name your kids after Aquila or Priscilla, but their character and passion to serve the church are worth imitating. We Need More Aquilas and Priscillas”, according to Greg Mathias.

Since we’re incurable coffee lovers, this BBC article caught our eye. The Swiss government (by law) stockpiles 3 months’ worth of coffee for their people in case of national emergency (with other essentials like sugar, flour, fresh water, and medicine). They started to think this was overkill, but are still on the fence.

“After a profession of faith, the journey is just getting started. It starts with follow up to assess the profession of faith, baptism to testify of faith, and a life marked by transformative faith.” Costi W. Hinn points out that we can learn much about true conversion and follow up from Paul’s story in Acts.

Davis Lacey wrote a really helpful post on the Rooted Ministry blog, with a list of 6 books to read during your first year of student ministry. He included some of our favorites!

From the SWO Archives: Entering Into Enemy-Controlled Territory by Zach Mabry at the 2019 College Retreat

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