The Bulletin: Things Christians Don’t Get to do, Reproof From a Pastor, and Kanye’s New Album

Everyone loves a good surprise!

Every now and then, it’s good to be reminded what the Bible teaches us is sin. And, it’s always good to remember that Jesus gets to make that call—not us. Things Christians Just Don’t Get to Do

“Immigration is one of the hottest and most confusing topics in our public debate.” Regardless of where you fall on the political scale, don’t miss out on the opportunity for gospel-focused conversations with your kids and friends. Scott Hildreth shared four crucial ways to speak with your kids about immigration — don’t miss it!

Reproof is a Pastor’s Gift of Love. The world around us will never understand this spiritual reality, but Dan Doriani points out that “transforming love wants people to become the best versions of themselves”. Let’s be the Church by loving our brothers and sisters enough to desire their holiness!

British anthropologist says that we can only maintain a max of 150 friendships…and it turns out that social media doesn’t really improve that cap.

Praise Jesus that He saves the vilest of sinners — me, you, the Apostle Paul, and Kanye. Jesus Christ is in the business of redeeming people, bringing the dead to life. Eugene Park wrote a short review of Kanye and his new album. We recommend you read it.

From the SWO Archives: Reformation Day was yesterday (October 31). Listen to Zach Mabry’s breakout on The Reformation to learn what drove the Protestant Reformation to break from Catholicism.

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