The Bulletin: Teaching Kids About Human Dignity, The Best Gift to Your Missionary Friends, and a New One-Year Bible Reading Plan

How do we teach our kids about human dignity? from Daniel Darling and the ERLC

Brett McCracken recently shared a list of the best worship songs that came out during this decade. There are some good ones here that we hope last for decades more!

John Piper coined the idea of Christian hedonism years ago, but Desiring God is posting 12 blogs during October on the same focus. Here’s the first one: Strive to Be More Satisfied in God

All of us will soon start making our list of gifts we want to find for others. How are you loving and supporting your church’s missionaries this Christmas season? Beth Matheson shared a great article on the best gift we can give missionary friends.

“How should evangelical Christians then view the current growth of Islam in America? How should we react to it? Should we view it as a good thing? Or a concern?” …These are the questions that Micah Fries answers in his short article titled Loving Our Muslim Neighbors. We also encourage read his recent book as well!

A recent survey in the UK showed that 46% of youngest siblings think they’re the funniest in the family…we’re betting that true in America too. What do you think?

From the SWO Archives: We started a One-Year Bible Reading Plan on the Snowbird app this Tuesday. Download the app and read it with us!

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