The Bulletin: Jen Wilkins, Urban Apologetics, and Why you Should Preach Through Acts

What’s the difference between hospitality and entertaining? Jen Wilkins shares some good wisdom here!

We’ve just finished up our Be Strong men’s conference, where we focused on studying the book of Judges. May we never forget that God Does His Greatest Work Through Simple Acts of Obedience. J.D. Greear, thanks for this reminder.

“A UN ‘World Cities’ report has predicted that two-thirds of us will live in cities by 2030. Could buildings like Bosco Verticale help to tackle pollution and improve people’s health?” Maybe so, maybe not. But either way, this is one awesome feat of architecture! We’re all for seeing more green in megacities.

It is crucial that every Christian develops a biblical approach to apologetics. Scripture teaches us to be able to give an answer for the hope we have. But, it also helps to understand the culture and context of the person you’re speaking with. Read over this article from Cam Triggs: Urban Apologetics: As Culture Evolves, So Does Our Approach.

Nursing home visitation isn’t usually on the list of “most sought after ministry opportunities”, but Chris Hulsof points out that we all have much to learn by serving those in their later years of life.

What books of Scripture do you lean toward teaching from? Here are 6 Reasons You Should Preach Through Acts. What can be better than learning how and why the Holy Spirit established the first churches?

From the SWO Archives: In the theme of hospitality, it’s worth considering that certain cultures of people value genuine hospitality even more deeply than the average Western-born person. Read over this article we wrote about Muslims & Intentional Hospitality.

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