The Bulletin: The Glory of Being Unworthy, What makes you Happy, and What Steals your Joy in Marriage/Parenting

Some people are exceptionally passionate about the work they produce. We think every Christian should honor Christ with their labor—even if it’s prepping hot dogs. Enjoy!

The Axis Church is an urban church plant taking the light of the Gospel into inner-city Nashville. They’re preaching a series through the Gospel of Luke called The Real Jesus, and we love their most recent sermon: The Glory of Being Unworthy.

Have you ever wondered what makes you truly happy? Just think about what you spend time praising… “It would be spiritual suicide if we began to praise lesser things more than the One who is supreme overall. We are healthiest spiritually when we supremely value the supremely valuable.” 

Don’t forget to stay in tune with international news, even if it’s not about politics. We think you’ll enjoy this video of India’s nine-year-old skateboarding sensation.

David Prince wrote an article this week that should be read by every husband, wife, and parent. He says there are four dangerous things that can steal your joy in marriage and parenting. Fight them with joy and identity we receive from Jesus!

At the end of the conversation, she said, “Even if it means my son’s life, I reject those gods and follow Jesus.”

From the SWO Archives: Listen to Zach Mabry’s breakout at a recent retreat on the Theology of Work. It’s possible you’re viewing your Monday-to-Friday with a less than biblical perspective.

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